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I have. My biggest problem is not the error, although something is definitely wrong there, but it is the fact that Alice seems to destroy the event entirely and does not respond at all. This is what happens: Imagine a menu screen with two buttons a options button and a start button. You go and click on the option button Alice runs a method to determine the object you clicked on based on the "object under mouse cursor" function then acts accordingly. Then you want to go back to the main menu so click a "Back" button Alice runs the same method and again acts accordingly. This is when it gets annoying. Now lets say you want to go back to the options menu, and so click the options button again. Alice simply does not react anymore and it is really bugging me, because I have read read and re-read all the code maybe fifteen times and everything should be okay. Thanks for replying though; do you have any other ideas as to why this is happening?

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