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Objects in Alice
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Default Objects in Alice - 09-07-2016, 05:38 PM

I choose to build the PP1.10 which is the helicopter lifting, taking off, flying in a circle and then it lands. I started by adding the airport object into the world view, then I began to adjust the airport object manually using the object positioning controls and camera controls. Next I added the helicopter object and proceeded to add the code necessary for the helicopter to perform the lift, circle and land. However when I ran the animation I realized that part of the airport building had been swallowed by the sky back ground because of the way I had position it, so I proceeded to adjust the airport object with the positioning controls and camera controls but it was very cumbersome and it was not doing what I wanted, so I decided to delete everything and started new. Finally when I had everything back the way I thought it should be, I ran the animation but the helicopter was not flying in a circle as intended, but after some trial and error with the move, turn, do together and do in order commands, I was able to program the helicopter to take off, fly in a circle and then land.
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