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Default Collision Count - 04-30-2018, 12:29 PM

Originally Posted by coynerm View Post
Trying to create a global counter variable to keep track of collision events ie each time an object collides then increment counter but...can only create local variable for each collision event. Is there a way to create a global variable in the initializeEventListeners?

Also, why doesnt the 'object.isCollidingWith.otherObject' function work? I tried using this but it didnt detect the collision so I went w/ the eventListener for collision detection. If I can get this function working then I can create a global variable....thx.

Select the scene and add a "scene property" this will act as a global value you can update with each collision.
Although my example works, real programs should not use a "while true" loop for several reasons. These reasons include performance and interaction with other methods/functions.

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