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Default 10-02-2012, 02:59 PM

Come on, guys. It only takes five minutes to come up with a silly bit of story, and anyone can post. So please do. It doesn't matter how weird, silly, or even (gasp!) serious you make it, as long as you make it.

Genezilla marches toward the remains of D.D.'s house, when suddenly he steps on a screw that was lying on the ground. He roars in pain.

Dr. B. attempts to use his Blimp-Controlled Remote to control some Remote-Controlled Blimps to attack Genezilla. Unfortunately, he does not have a blimp with which to control the remote, so instead he dual-wields his potato gatling gun and his new potato-powered lazor beam. The combination hurts Genezilla less than the screw he stepped on did.

D.D. and J.G. are terrified by Genezilla's roar, so they rush over to their next-door neighbor's house and knock on the door. Who answers it?

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