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Default 03-06-2009, 11:27 PM

Although you no doubt put a lot of effort into making this game, I wouldn't call it high quality. the second level of the game is overloaded with fireAnimations to the point that Alice is so laggy that the game becomes more of an interactive slideshow than anything. I had to use your skip to third level button (T) to get to the third level, in which I was confused, uninformed and, after a short while, lagging and dead.

My suggestions:

Cut down on the infinity loops and the fireAnims (they really take a toll on Alice's speed and should be used sparingly).

Revamp grenade throwing, maybe give it a power bar or some other way of indicating range.

Create a working storyline. Makes it more fun to play.

Add a dodge option in the plane level.

Add a better way to gauge where the tank's shots will land.

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