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Originally Posted by sfunk View Post
well the atari system was under fire before that, but it was just lucky that the economy started booming again allowing people to buy the entertainment systems allowing the market to rise, but sadly it is declining greatly again the past few years
Yeah, we're lucky Nintendo managed to dig us out of that hole with the NES, but why do you say it's declining again? Well, I guess I do have to complain about offers for exclusive in-game content bundles when you buy it at a certain store or pre-order it or whatever, and I feel that all DLC's should be for free, like Perfect Dark Zero Map Pack 2, and seriously, one more add-on pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and buying all of them will, if my calculations are correct, have been more costly than the standard edition at the game's launch. What were they thinking charging us $15.00 each for this stuff? They must be trying to roll in even more cash, which doesn't seem all that necessary, considering the fact that the game made a billion dollars in just 6 weeks, selling 20 million units, with 12 million of those copies alone being for the Xbox 360 version, usurping Halo 3 as the best selling game on the console. They should just release the DLC's as a patch, since these guys already release patches ahead of time to make the add-ons compatable with the game.
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