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Originally Posted by sfunk View Post
most companies have released half of their staff if not more, There have been many game ti that were in production before they were dropped just because of budget cuts, the reason they are hurting so bad(my own opinion on this) is because of internet game play, people get one game and play it for around a year or so without ever thinking aobut buying another game, yeah they get a little cash flow from DLC, but that really isn't that much due to the process in which a game goes through to get to the point it ends at, they normally break even with their first big sales, and then earn their profits later when and if people are stil buying their product
I see. Also, I feel that ingame bonuses for preorder and special edition purchases is unfair. For example, Fallout: New Vegas had the Caravan Pack for preordering from Steam and Wal-Mart, the Classic Pack from GameStop and EB Games, Best Buy's Mercenary Pack, which apparently makes the game unplayable if it and Patch are installed, at least for the Xbox 360 version and from and Direct 2 Drive, the Tribal Pack. Those that did not preorder get just the base game, nothing extra and to get the full experience, you'd have to preorder four copies of the game, which would be highly unlikely, and ridiculous, or, potentially something I would condone: piracy.

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