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I understand this game was kind of old but I just have to review a game that's worth reviewing. Even crappy games can be worth reviewing if they had enough content to them. So here goes:

*goes to replay game one last time for review and because game is so addicting....*

Snowfire Games Presents....

x2495iiii's Resident Penguin....

The Review....

Resident Penguin is probably one of the best games on the Alice community. It combines the brilliant and addicting concept of zombie survival games, with the coolest animal in the history of animals: Resident Penguin. You'll find RP leaving his beloved homeland with (what else?) a bereta and infinite ammo too, and heading to a haunted football field as you try and protect yourself from the dead football players as they try to relive the sport, replacing you with a football and kicking you through the goal. So is this game as awesome as I've made it sound? Find out in this review...
The concept of RP is pretty easy to understand. You use A/D to turn and click to shoot. The only problem I had was that I had to look throughout the events section of the source code to figure out that Space or Enter was the pause keys. This is really suprising, since all you had to do was type 'Space pauses the game and allows you to buy upgrades etc.' However, the GUIs in which the upgrades and weapons are presented is wonderful. While they could've looked a bit better, they transition and resize beautifully when your transition from different parts of the GUI. Another cool thing is that you don't have to click EXACTLY on the 3D text like you do with most Alice games. Just click on the button like you'd expect. This definately raises the bar as one of the best GUIs on the Alice community.

The graphics in this game are ok. All of the models look good, especially Resident Penguin, who looks adorable even when he's pointing a MP5 directly at your face. The animations are all very good though I'm most impressed by the bullet shells and RP getting kicked through the goal by zombies. My big gripe about this game has probably got to be the environmental design, and this is that there is none. The game looks alright but when the fogs gone due to your night vision ability you realize your just in an empty field of grass. There's no football stands no tombstones... nothing! As for the sound and music, sadly, there are none. Keeping in mind, however, that alice errors out when sound is played for some people, this is understandable, even if it's dissapointing.

The gameplay is a standard zombie shootout. However you can't move forward or backward, you just turn. This puts an interesting twist with the gameplay since you must click the enemies to death, once you've done that more enemies come. This gameplay can get repetative at times, but for the majority it's insanely addicting.

Replay Value
Ok, so aside from the game being addicting, the game also has upgrades and weapons you can buy. These increase your abilities and how you can play the game. Some of these you'll have to buy in order to survive long enough to get others, and that's sort of dissapointing, but other than that you can buy in the order you choose. This adds plenty of extra playability on this game, and since your powers are reset when you die, you'll be striving to get them back again. Plus there's an infinate mode if you want to go beyond the games standalone levels.

The Verdict

Presentation - 9.5
Audio/Video - 6.0
Gameplay - 9.8
Replay Value - 10

Final Score For Resident Penguin - 8.75(Great)

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