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Default 11-18-2006, 08:13 AM

Hi DrJim,

I already noticed, that you can use poses on foreign models by implementing an object variable on the classmethods in the class that owns the poses, like the birdmodel in the gallery does. But this approach implies that you have to implement at least one model of the pose-owning class anywhere in the scene.
This means, if Karl should use the poses, Mary has defined, you have to use Mary and uses her poses on Karl. This will result in problems, if you don't want to use Mary at all in the scene. And, of course, the constraints you mentioned imply on this, you only can use structural similar (mostly identical...) models.
On the other hand, the xml-based approach in fact also is only usable on similar models, because the xml-structure is very complicated and changes have to be well defined or Alice will blow up the whole thing.
If you for example try to use leftforearm poses on a part called leftarm you will have to rename some directories, make changes to half a dozen xml-files and check the hierarchy by hand. Not a very effizient approach.

Maybe the whole thing isn't very much more than a proof of concept.
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