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New free online Alice tutorials
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Default New free online Alice tutorials - 04-18-2007, 08:45 PM

In case anyone is interested, I have just finished writing and publishing a new set of Alice Programming tutorials designed for teaching computer programming to persons who have no programming background or programming skills.

You will find them at

The tutorials are freely available for online study. They contain many code examples. Full source code listings for all of the sample programs along with explanations for most of the code is included. Executable versions of most of the sample programs can be downloaded free of charge.

The topics covered by these tutorials include:

Getting Started
Setting the Stage
Objects in 3D Space
Setting the Stage Manually, Parts 1 & 2
Your First Alice Program
The Program Development Cycle
Functions that Return Values
Data Types and Variables
World-Level Methods
Class-Level Methods and Inheritance
Syntax, Runtime, and Logic Errors
Expressions and Operators
Sequence, Selection, and Loop Structures
Relational and Logical Operators
Counter Loops, Nested Loops, and Sentinel Loops
Events and Interactive Programming
Appendix A, Behavior of Primitive Methods
Appendix E, Restrictions and Limitations for Alice 2.0

Dick Baldwin
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