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Originally Posted by Mr Kidnapper View Post
Now you've got me wondering on how to make a theme. Perhaps how to replace Lidell with Margatroid, or other picture that altogether replaces Alice as the mascot for the program icon and splash screen.
Edit: Any way to get Alice to use a different lib/alice.jar when using different alice styles? I've already changed the splash screen. Seems the only requirement is to use JPG and have a good 20 solid color pixels on the bottom of the image to fit the loading progress and build numbers. If only it used PNG or GIF, then I would have gone fancy like Photoshop is for theirs.
The themes I have created only change colours and not images, you can create one if you want when I release it, they aren't hard, just a jython dictionary full of keys (preset strings that I have linked to elements in the window) and their representative values, such as java.awt.color.BLACK etc.

As for changing the images in Alice, I'm not sure this can be linked to styles, but it can be done by modifying the jar. I've posted this somewhere before and I've got a YouTube video that I made linked to the thread. Unfortunately I made it a while back, when I didn't have Camtasia, so the quality is low, nevertheless - its here if you want it. If anybody can find the thread it would help greatly.

EDIT - found the thread - its splattered about David B's "Cool Alice Hacks!" thread
To see some images look at these posts - POST 21, POST 22


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