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Default 12-20-2009, 11:01 AM

Halo has a great story, amazing characters, a naked hologram sidekick, space travel, gunfights, grenades, an assortment of creative weapons, gunfights, sticky grenades, turrets that you can rip off and carry around, gunfights, teleporters, saved films, forge mode (make your own maps), 4 player co-op, gunfights, aliens, Marty O'donnell's super epic music (Which you will hear in my game) : ), and gunfights.
I am excited for this one too. I have always wanted to make something like this but never had the game-making skills to do it, so it's really great that I can do it now.
Chris, if you can do all that in a game, you will be my idol. You will have surpassed RP 3.5. Lol, now do it.
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