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Default 09-05-2010, 05:51 PM

Originally Posted by DensetsuNoKaboom View Post
I've always managed to 360 in RP, sometimes not even on purpose.

Every time I press L, regardless of whether I've saved or not, I always get an error during simulation.

And what happened to Play Forever?
Psshooo... Getting tired of never being able to do anything consistently with Alice. I've tested that stupid save/load method a bajillion times and that final version works, dangit!

Play forever's been temporarily disabled until I can get a menu up and running.

Originally Posted by jediaction View Post
On your computer it will. But not it wont work for me. Usually its zomething made on 2.0 wont work on 2.2.

yes....a lot of variables like a special type doesnt work. 2.0 to 2.2 is a big difference
You mean a special font? Agency FB, to my knowledge isn't really special. It's been pre-installed on my last three computers. Just pure chance that it isn't on some of yours (where'd you get Agency FB for free, arty?) It doesn't have anything to do with what version of Alice you use. Both versions ask for the same font the same way, and both versions react the same way if they can't find it.

Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
The first time I done it was half way through the game, I thought maybe I could get a trophy for it, this is what I do on ps3 too, and turned just before the next wave of zombies. Then to recreate for a screenshot I done it right at the very beginning, and succeeded after a few goes.
Very cool. Good job.
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