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Default 09-05-2010, 07:38 PM

Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Psshooo... Getting tired of never being able to do anything consistently with Alice. I've tested that stupid save/load method a bajillion times and that final version works, dangit!

Play forever's been temporarily disabled until I can get a menu up and running.

You mean a special font? Agency FB, to my knowledge isn't really special. It's been pre-installed on my last three computers. Just pure chance that it isn't on some of yours (where'd you get Agency FB for free, arty?) It doesn't have anything to do with what version of Alice you use. Both versions ask for the same font the same way, and both versions react the same way if they can't find it.

Very cool. Good job.
No...variables. Some types. I have Micro Stencil Black in my Game Maker program and i realized it doesnt show up for you guys

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