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Importing worlds
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Default Importing worlds - 12-07-2012, 07:53 AM

Alice 2 does allow you to import objects that have been saved from other worlds, but remember that if these objects have references to other objects that are not present in the importing world, Alice will warn you and kill those references.

Cutting and pasting text from one document to another is relatively straight forward, as these are autonomous units, with very few expected dependencies that have to be accounted for. An Alice project is highly interdependent, and trying to bring one world into another is asking Alice to make decisions about object relationships that it is not equipped to handle.

To import one world into another asks Alice to resolve a myriad of problems (which camera position should take precedence, what happens when you have objects from the different worlds using the same names, which happens a lot as users generally use the default names when creating objects, sound and image files of the same name, when should the different actions be executed and in what order?).

What you really want is the ability to import different scenes into the same project. Storytelling Alice tried to implement this feature, with only limited success. We are working vary hard in Alice 3 to make this happen, and as the system is being designed from the ground up with this in mind, we expect to be much more successful.

Don Slater
Alice Team
Carnegie Mellon University
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