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Update 0.4
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Arrow Update 0.4 - 12-04-2010, 04:09 PM

Ive updated it yet again. Now after its been initialised (world run then stop) a scripter sub-menu will appear in the tools menu in the Alice menu bar at the top of the main Alice editor window!!! It has all the functions of the mini-menu. This is not only very useful, but the ability to manipulate the main Alice frames is a mega-advancement.

Ive also made the mini-menu look much nicer, ive changed its look and feel to a smooth-bordered green frame that is always on top.

Another update, now you can open the Scripter with ALT+S, plus ive added other shortcut keys (look in the scripter sub-menu for them).

Now I need to change most of the code to fit the new features and make the whole thing easier to access. I'm going to try and slim the code down as well.


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