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Default 10-13-2005, 12:40 AM

Originally Posted by OmniDistortion
That's pretty interesting, but I cannot test it here with only the a2w file and this college PC. The point of the matter is that if I were to send it to a friend or someone who did not have Alice that they could watch or interact with it as is. A stand-alone program.
I will look into this.

Originally Posted by Kristi
With the player, is there a way to start the program again? Using the viewer within Alice you can pause, resume and restart. Mainly, I am interested in restart, without having to load the program again. I'd also like to get the program cued up then start it when I want. Is this possible?
None of this is currently possible with the external player. If I can get Dennis to build a self-contained a2w viewer, I will see about getting the same features available as are on the player that is built into the system.
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