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Default 03-04-2010, 06:59 AM

Originally Posted by Kristi View Post
I want to show off what I've created - is there a way to view it without the editing/writing "desktop" around it? I tried to minimize it when I had the play window open since they seemed to be separate windows - it didn't work.

If I was to figure out how to export to a web page, would it be interactive? In otherwords, would the events triggered by a mouse click or key stroke still work?

Very basic questions, I'm sure, but I'm not gifted computer-wise. I appreciate the time anyone takes to answer.


This would be like a real game. That would be great

And if you could get rid of the editing stuff on the boarder, Alice would be like a realy game and if you could make executables with 2.2 that would be even cooler even though you can use mama, thats already done

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