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i thought of the cube thing already but i want a realistic line of sight(not able to see through walls) not one with "blind spots" or "weak spots"

i was thinking i could do something with the orentstion/position of the objects. mayby a mathamatical formula the can be used to figure out if the AI can "see" a pesific object or not.
i am preaty shure a formula like that has to exist.

(it has only been a copple days since i starlted working with alice so don't have experience)
i was also thinking of a bunch of spheres that go off in diffrent directions at high speeds and return to the AI when they encounter an object. concentration of these objects would depend on direction( most concentration at the front) this would also take inacount gor distance as the spheres would get further apart the futher you go.
unforionetly this would be long complecated and probably slow down alice if there are a bunch of AI

i am still looking for a good coastline in alice that has already been made and is avalable.

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