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Default 05-15-2012, 11:51 AM

I guess. I have a list already of the things I will do in the future and avoiding grenades and taking cover is in there, but this was just to show that they can follow you realistically. Thanks for the suggestions though.

New Update. There is now a cover system and I'm working on controlling 3 AI buddies. The first one is done. Enjoy guys. Select the soldier you want to command with the icons on the top right of hte screen. Then, walk up to the piece of cover, click it, and your guy will move to cover. To tell him to get out of cover, press (C). To make him stop following you when he's following you, press (C). Enjoy!

Btw, it's not fully done yet so it may be a bit glitchy. Also, Room14, I am targeting this AI to do a certain task and it's being a squad. I already added 3 squad members who follow your orders. New Update just added.

The AI is worth it guys.


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