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Default 07-02-2012, 06:21 PM

Well, I appreciate all the suggestions, but a while back I decided what the main gameplay was supposed to be like. I'll start with the first one and move on from there...

I could do crouching and standing, but prone wouldn't really be useful.

Grenades aren't really needed, but I might try it.

I tried more weapons before but it didn't really make that much sense. Maybe.

Throwing knife...uh, the real mission didn't have that so I'll leave that out.

Yes, low enemies has always been an issue with the game. I'll have to work on that anyway.

Other vehicles wouldn't make sense because this is a "Cliffhanger" themed mission straight out of MW2.

A new enviroment? Please explain. This level takes place in the snow so I don't understand what you mean.

I think the attachments are fine for now. Adding anyother ones would have to be not for looks and it doesn't really make sense though. I might add a laser. The old version used to have a laser. Alice crashed after that so I'm limiting what else I add to the game.

Sprinting isn't exactly needed but that could work.

I disabled jumping for collision purposes. Jumping isn't needed at all anyway.

Anything else I "thought of" has been added in the game. Some things in your list I purposely left out because they weren't needed or making any sense, such as the jumping and other vehicles.

I appreciate all your suggestions.

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