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Default 12-07-2009, 08:06 PM

You could have two variables, one being randomNumber, the other is buttonPressed. Then 3d Text as an object

Create a method called "Button" somewhere, then you could have an event saying when button is pressed, do "Button". In that method make buttonPressed == 0.

Then in another method you create, you can do If "buttonPressed == 0" do nothing / Else do 3d Text set text to ("randomNumber" as a String) (you get the "as a string" from the functions tab of World).

I kinda lost my train of thought here, but so far it sounds like that should work.

EDIT: Oh ya and you would have to make the if/else statement in a continuous loop, or in a while(true), or as a "While world is running" event in the event box.

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