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Good work on the noble task of forcing quality onto Alice. If you happen to use any 3d software at all, depending on the software I can teach you how to fix all of these problems, namely:
Smoothing - Always a problem with converted objects. This is usually linked to the fact that converted objects often always have split vertices. This model doesn't seem to be an exception, but I could be wrong. I have not ported it to 3ds Max.
Subobjects - Subobjects in this thing are actually still pretty haphazard, such as how the mouth is connected to the hand. I am not entirely certain of the source of this problem, but I believe it is connected to materials (Textures.) It may not look like it, but this model probably had multiple textures.
Pivot Points - Arguably the easiest part, but it's the most annoying. Before you change these, you must always remember to reset Xform, or in Blender's case, apply transforms. If you don't you'll probably end up with incorrect rotational directions.

Unfortunately what you've dug up aren't three separate textures.
You have three material maps: A Diffuse map, a Specularity map, and a Bump map. I can tell very easily this was converted directly from the game because of the existence of the specularity and bump map. Usually uncontracted artists don't include these.
A diffuse map is standard textures. They usually don't include alpha (transparency,) because it has a tendency to screw things up.
What a specularity map does is tell your monster where to shine when you shine light on it.
What a bump map does is show you more detail. Say you've got a square. You place a bump map with all of its pink fruity colors, and suddenly it looks like it's got tumors all over the place, but from an angle it still looks like a flat square. That's what bump maps do.
Unfortunately, while you can turn on both specularity and bump maps, they do nothing in Alice as they are unsupported. You can delete these if you don't intend on using this model outside of Alice.
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