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Problem with latest Alice 2.2 (12/01/2011)
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Default Problem with latest Alice 2.2 (12/01/2011) - 01-20-2012, 09:04 PM

Hi Everyone-
I installed the latest version of 2.2 recently, and it's been going OK until today. I was going to show on old program to some of my students, and it started malfunctioning immediately. I spent a 1/2 Hr. this evening trying to figure out what it is, and it seems to be a problem in passing a parameter more than one level deep.
In the original, I passed an object from World down two levels, and the object references worked fine two levels deep. That is no longer the case.

To save memory I created a simple demo to illustrate the problem. The prints and moves indicate what is being referenced at each call level. Notice that at level 02 the target reference is not passed, and that the soccer ball moves to world.

This was not a problem with previous versions of 2.2.
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