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Need help also
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Default Need help also - 12-08-2010, 03:39 PM

My head is swimming with functions and variables. If I am not careful I will name a method variable the same as a function variable. Do you ever use a method variable to drop onto a tile in the function editor?
I am trying to set an event that when a list of rings is empty, the game is over and the score board displays the final score and either game over or you win!
My function is named world.gameOver. The variables I'm using are: T/F GameOver, T/F ringListEmpty. Loop index from 0 up to but not including increment by 1
RingListEmpty set value to true
If ringListEmpty
gameOver set value to true
gameOver set value to false
Return game over

Do I need to add change opacity to 100% or does this go in an event handler: When condition = world.rings empty becomes true
do gameOver set opacity to 100%?

Game_Over is a 3D object
Property: text = Game Over
Property: (Boolean) isShowing=true
Property: (number) gameOver =5 (since there are 5 rings and they sink as you pass thru them.
Property: (number) ringsSunk=0 ( or could I just stick to the empty list of rings?
As you can see I am confused about functions, event handlers utilizing methods, and properties. ( I know exerciseGirl gets exhausted from doing 10 reps (from the book exercise), but having difficulty utilizing this limited knowledge to the ring thing.)
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