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is making an rts in alice 2 possible?
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Question is making an rts in alice 2 possible? - 04-05-2015, 11:51 AM

im kind of new to the whole programming thing, but alice has been fairly simple so far. i've been pondering, however, how i would go about making an rts style game in alice (like starcraft, c&c). i attempted to make one, but ran into a really confusing issue.

there doesn't seem to be a way for alice to store the mouse's location on the fly, unless im just looking at this incorrectly. i can get alice to track the mouses location (i used this to create an edge panning sort of deal), but im lost as to how i could store it when i want to, say, move a unit to the location of where i clicked. is there any way to do this? it's absolutely essential for an rts in this style, and without it things crumble and fall over.

also is it possible for alice to use right mouse in the events pane for controls? it only seems to use left mouse.
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