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Default 01-05-2010, 12:25 PM

First, in response to x2495iii closing a thread, I view it to be a very minor deal. Did the thread absolutely need to be closed? No. But I have no problem with him doing so. It was one thread that was pretty much dead anyway. And I trust x2495iii's judgement. He truly cares about the Alice community.

Second, about violence in Alice worlds. I love uplifting, motivating and beautiful worlds. But if making a shooting game motivates you to learn to program, by all means make shooting games. Everyone has different motivations, and unless it is completely offensive (shooting field-goal kicking zombies is not, for me at least), I encourage you to express your ideas through Alice as best you can. While I would like to see more challenging and thought-provoking worlds, I don't expect them all to be like that. If you make 10 shooting games in a row, I may suggest you try a different genre, just as if you create 10 beautiful landscapes in a row, you're not learning anything new.

But perhaps I'm the wrong person to ask about shooting violence. If I've had a long day, I enjoy a good shoot-em-up movie or FPS. I don't consider either to be high art (with a few exceptions), but they have their place.
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