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okay well its pretty simple once you get it, if you want the person to karate chop something for example just do this:
-create a new even "when X is clicked" (X of course standing for whatever you want that letter to be) world.karatechop
-create a new method in world called karatechop or something like that
-then place some kind of code like:
right.arm turn forward 0.25 revolutions
right.arm turn backward 0.25 revolutions

As for picking something up, you need to create a check, if you will-
something along the lines of this
Variables- Itempickedup(true)

While "Itempickedup"------
If |Camera| is within |however close you want the camera to be inorder to pickup the item|
-Whatever code is necessesary to pick up your item here
-Set |Itempickedup| to false
Do nothing

Sorry if that's a little complicated.

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