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help with loop..nest structure
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Default help with loop..nest structure - 03-26-2013, 03:51 PM

hello, I finally thought of a story for my class assignment. I have uploaded the question has to to with the loop..I want to make the dog look like he is running toward the volleyball net (eventually goal is to make him jump and intercept the ball) I have his four legs move at the same time that he is moving toward the net but I want the leg motions to loop instead of just moving back once while he "glides" over to the net (he looks like some sort of poltergeist dog this way lol )...but when I did the loop 5 times his legs just kept rotating like the "counter" did not reset his legs to the former position before moving them again...what is the way to make the legs "reset" position while doing the loop? same issue w/ the volleyball & the players, their arms continue to go around and the ball continues to rise.

I know this is sorta basic, but my teacher has a really thick accent and my memory is baaad lol...if you don't get my convoluted explination just look at the file it will be quite clear

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