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Originally Posted by arty-fishL View Post
Its a shame this went to waste.

This is as secure as a Minecraft Server is and I'm sure nobody on these forums wants to hack each others computers either. But, regardless of the minute chance of computer infiltration, I have decided to work on a more advanced, more secure and more feature-heavy version of this (completely inspired by this one).

Each user must have an account at my website (once its fully set up), the server authenticates users using this site. Accounts at my site will be linked to accounts on the Alice Community. This means you will know who you are playing with and you can report them. They can also be admin/mod/banned. There is a top admin and user whitelisting is supported.

All users must be using the same world, if any changes have been made then they are not permitted to play until they download the correct version.

The server runs via a simple command line terminal. It has basic commands like ban and kick. There is integrated chat, users can use commands from it, but only ones that they are permitted to; some commands are limited to only the terminal or the top admin.

The server can be made public, it will be added to a list on my website (accessible in game), so you wont have to worry about IP addresses, but you can still join via an IP address if you want.

It is very customisable. You can disable some security features if you really want to.

I've spent 2 days on it and its half way finished. I've got 1 week to complete it and the client template before I go away for 3 weeks, so either expect a very beta one soon, or a better one in a month or so. I thought this would be good for my first Java project (as I am teaching myself Java).

Whoa. One week?
One of the many things only arty can do.

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Come on, you know you want to try it.
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