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A gift!
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Talking A gift! - 07-02-2011, 06:14 PM

I decided I'm going to release the "Bullet Shooting Object" and the bullets it uses.

To setup up the Bullet Shooting Object:

0. Place a dummy where the camera is. Name it "center" (without quotes).
1. Import Bullet Shooter.a2c into your Alice world
2. Press yes to the popup on the screen that sets certain variables to none.
3. Import the Pbullet object (You can also replace these with whatever bullets you want!) and make 4 more copies of it.
4. Set the tracer_objects 1 - 5 variables to their respective bullets
5. Put the Bullet Shooter into an "When World Starts" event.

That's all! (I think...) Enjoy!

Note: The bullets disappear and return when they hit the left or right edge of the screen. Set left and rightedge_distance variables to what you feel i appropriate.
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