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Default 08-02-2012, 11:34 AM

Hey. I'm not going to download the game (sorry, I just don't have permission to go off and download every other game lol) but from what I saw with the video I am very impressed. It's not groundbreaking technology, but I think that high-graphical quality is something HIGHLY overrated in games. You just need graphics engine that looks good enough and makes the game play well. You good the lighting done well, however the voice acting is probably my primary concern with a game of this genre. Not only is it sort of "meh" (no offense, I understand exactly why you couldn't get real voice actors, I have that same problem) but in a survival horror I think people like games like RE1-2 etc. Slow pacing, scary, hard, and that sense of being alone. That means no side characters telling them were their supposed to go. They know they are supposed to get out of there, because they walk around and find out they don't really like it all that much

And when the character talks to himself, that is also something I think I would rather have to think in my head. Especially since he just seems to be stating the obvious lol.

Other then that it's better then I could do with Unity and I'm glad to see you moving on from Alice into more advanced work!
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