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Lightbulb Help is at hand - 11-05-2011, 09:51 PM

I replied to the visitor message, but you didn't ask all these questions in it.
The tools:

Arty_fishL_Scripter - thread - that allows you to code Jython in your worlds easily, if you dont know Jython (or Python) then your best not using this.

IAloader - thread - I don't remember exactly what this does, but its some sort of tech example to show how external images and audio can be loaded at runtime, you probably won't need this.

IOTool - thread -this allows you to perform basic file in/out operations for game saving etc, its quite useful.

MusicBoxV1 - thread - this was a useful tool to make using audio in Alice easier, the person who made this is no longer active, but its fairly easy to get your head around anyway.

Restart_button - thread - that's basically what it is, put it in your world and when you click it it restarts the world, just like the other restart button in the bar at the top.

WorldLoaderTool - thread - with this you can link worlds together. If the user has the worlds that are linked all in the same folder then this tool can be used to link them all together for infinite possibilities.

Hope that helped.


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