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Default 10-05-2011, 02:34 PM

Go to one of your methods, and in the bottom right tab box, there is a function that says "Say something" or something like that. Drag that into your scene then type what you want the evil guy to say. Then, click the little arrow at the end of the line and it will come up with more options. You can change the "duration" of how long the text box will stay up. Do this same step to the hero. Then to make the screen fade, go to the "add objects" section then go to "shapes." Find the flat plane objects and drag that into the scene. Place it infront of the camera, then make it's color "black" in the properties section. Right click the object and click "methods", and near the bottom of the list it will say "set vehicle to"...Select the camera, then make the planes opacity = to "0". Then through code, you can make that turn to 100% to make the illusion of the fade in and fade out effect. That should be it!

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