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A few things I noticed.
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Default A few things I noticed. - 10-09-2005, 02:46 PM

I'm going to keep this simple so you can down them and correct with ease.

When exporting to a web page:
- Fog does not appear.
- Opaqueness is not visible (everything no matter if it be between 0%-99.9% opaque is assumed to be 100% visible).
- As was mentioned somewhere else in the forum the 3D text appears oddly spaced and too far to the right.

- A export to stand-alone program would be great. This would eliminate the problem most people have when viewing where they do not have either Java or Java3D. The creator then could have various options like if the user could control the speed, restart, stop, the size, etc. .
- Regular text option rather than having to make a textile (banner) out of the text?

So far this program runs very well and is a great introductory tool for people wanting to become a 3D scripting something or other. Thanks to the Alice team for creating it!
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