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(FPS game) Mobs and hit detection problems
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Question (FPS game) Mobs and hit detection problems - 11-29-2012, 09:06 PM

Hello everyone, I need help for my FPS project.
My questions are as follows:

1. How do you create many duplicates of mobs and have one set of code govern them all? I do not wish to have to individually program every single mob in the game, so this is important...

2. This game uses the A key to shoot, and I have attempted to use a box that quickly moves forward and back quickly as the function which carries out damage to anything that is comes in contact with, but it seems that the proximity If/then statement couldn't detect that damage value fast enough. Is there a solution for this?

3. Is it possible to put all the mobs in a list and have them all respond to a damage value individually as you shoot at them? Alice doesnt seem to have that function...

4. is it possible to create a simple AI to govern all the mobs to avoid collision with buildings?

Thank you for reading all this, I appreciate it!
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