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Confussion with the Learning to program with Alice book.
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Default Confussion with the Learning to program with Alice book. - 10-07-2006, 09:18 PM

Next Tuesday, the class that I am in will most likely be starting Chapter 5 in the book of "Learning to program with Alice". I thought I take a glance at it, but there is one flaw that I am confused with. The Book shows an example to drag the moveTo method onto the editor and from the pop-up menu, select a position. Then the book shows what the code should look like which is like so...

lightning move to homer 's position more...

however, when I do this, my code looks like this....

lightning move to homer

In addition, I tried dragging the object's position function on top of homer and it would not let me. So how come the book shows different from mine? In addition, the book also shows in the pop-up menu there is a choice to choose vector3(0, 0, 0) but on my pop-up menu it does not show that. Is the cd version from the book different then when they had printed the book?
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