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Default Linux Question - 07-29-2008, 01:13 PM

I decided to put this question here, since it is more of a software management question than one intended for a techinical discussion.

In looking at the various Wiki articles, I came across the following:
''Ubuntu releases new versions every six months, and supports those releases for 18 months ..."

Apparently Mint has switched over to the same distribution schedule, since it is partially based on Ubuntu.

I note that Ubuntu and Mint seem to be the most frequent versions of Linux mentioned in this forum. How does their type of version update schedule fit in with Alice - which, at least in the case of 2.0, hasn't been updated for over two years. Are the new Linux releases sufficiently backward compatible to work (unlike ver. 1.6 of the JRE, at least according to a recent posting) or do you have to keep several versions on your machine at the same time?
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