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Originally Posted by Dameria View Post
Sure you can use the method inside of your program. I'm not so sure about that first question, its been a while since I made that program and I don't feel like looking back at it. The second question though, I just made the bonus at a set number, like 50 or something, and every 3 seconds or so that you are in the maze the bonus goes down by 1 point, so if you spend 30 seconds in it before you finish, your bonus will be 40 points. If you spend 60 seconds, your bonus would be 30, and so on until you have spent 2 and half minutes in the maze, then the bonus just stops at 0. (These numbers might not be what I actually used in the game, but it is the same concept)
Thanks for the quick answer. I will spend some time to try to figure out the 1st question. And for the second answer, it helped me a lot. Also, thanks for sharing the code. I will give you credit.
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