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A Twofold question
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Default A Twofold question - 09-20-2005, 09:58 PM

First: I have 3D Studio Max 6; how do I get objects from it into Alice?
Secondly: Is there any way to do something like a GetAsyncKeyState in Alice? The problem is: we want the user to be able to rotate the camera but not to move the camera. This needs to be fast-paced and smooth. Using the event: when key is pressed does not work because it does not continue running the method if the key is held down.

GetAsyncKeyState is a C++ function that basically gets the key state of a specified key on the board - e.g. if I send it VK_UP as a parameter it returns whether the up arrow key is pressed, or whatever.
Any ideas as to an algorithm for this would be appreciated.
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