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I dont like it
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Unhappy I dont like it - 06-01-2009, 03:07 PM

I was good at programming in Alice 2, but Alice 3 is totally different. I don't understand the words, can't make anything work, and keep getting rendering errors when I try to do some things. How do you add events? what do the words used mean? I can't make the objects do as much, as there doesn't seem to be as many methods/procedures. I managed to work out how to move objects properly (using 1,2,3 and 4 buttons on keyboard), but it wasn't obvious. I can't find as much information on the objects as before, under properties, and if I try to change some of them I get a red preview screen saying "error in attempting to render screen". I don't know how to add variables or parameters, either in the single methods/procedures, or globally. I can select parts of objects to do procedures, but it is hard to find them and they are orginised into short names that make no sense. I much prefer Alice 2.2! There is no help as of yet!
On the other hand; Alice 3 looks much cleaner, plays much cleaner, works smoother and looks good with Sims 2 technology integrated, but the character movement list is very long, but I can't specify exactly what I want my person to do.
It seems quite complicated and I know nothing about Java code, I can only use Alice code. I have a whole new language to learn, just to use this program

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