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Default 06-06-2009, 11:53 AM

I share your concern about the complexity of Alice 3.0. I know I sat in a semester Alice 2 course for non-CS majors at a local community community college a few years ago, and even that was a strain for the majority of the class. Based on the limited time I've been working with Alice 3.0 (especially as it looks like, in the near term, one will have to have NetBeans for a really useful configuration) - trying to use that combination would have depleted the class size to zero within the first week.

On the other hand, as Gabe as said in another post on the forum - some choices had to be made - and 2.x will be supported for some time to come.

My understanding (and I think there are much older posts by the CMU team on this) is that the code for 2.x was such a mix of legacy code in Java and Python that the decision was made to start 3.0 from basically a clean slate - thus a 2.6 would be unlikely. It would really be nice if, after 3.0 is reasonably stable, that they could use that code as a basis for a reduced capability but less complex Alice 3-Lite. However, I'm sure the team has plenty on their plate right now to even consider that.
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