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Handguns v2.0
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Default Handguns v2.0 - 01-08-2012, 12:47 PM

All you need to know in the game.

Handguns is a zombie survival game. With lots of weapons and nonstop zombies. See how long you'll survive.
Surprisingly under 10mb, but I hope you'll won't be dissapointed.
Tell me how I did, it will help for future game. Download v2.1, v2.0 is broken.

V1.1 includes
--6 weapons
--5 zombies respawning
--waves (difficulty increasing)
--neverending zombies

V2.1 added
--fixed guns
--fixed glitches
--able to see if hitting
--added range to straight shooting guns such as Machine Gun, and Handgun.
--4 Bosses

here's a few tips off the bat: but double handguns as soon as you can, and shotgun has critical hits when up close.

The bosses are hard to beat, so don't throw your mouse into the computer. I beat them all, so yeah, they are beatable.

p.s. quick turn is A and S
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