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ITSE1429 Assignment3 (Assign3)
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Default ITSE1429 Assignment3 (Assign3) - 09-13-2014, 07:14 PM

Re: ITSE1429 Assignment3 (Assign3)

To my fellow classmates in the ITSE1429 class:

In doing Assignment3 for class, we are to communicate about our experience in fulfilling the requirements.

Here is a problem I am having. At the time of this post to, we do not have a forum created in the school course system to post into as called for by Assignment 3 directions, “the discussion board forum: Methods in Alice”. Also, I am not yet seeing posts into the Community forum in, also per Assignment3 requirements.

Since the due date for Assignment3 is approaching, I am proposing that we students utilize an alternate school course forum “Advanced Methods in Alice”. This forum is defined. Although it is specifically for the next assignment, Assignment4, it does offer the benefit of having a similar name.

To minimize confusion, we can signify a post into “Advanced Methods in Alice” as pertinent to either Assignment 3 or 4 if we indicate that in our thread names, e.g. Assign3-RE.

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