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Post Suggestions - 02-13-2010, 11:16 PM

I have a few suggestions for Alice 3...

1. You could have a sprite-sprite relationship, sort of like magnets. I've notices that characters can't hold anything or move anything without hours of programming. I tried to make a knight hold a sword,but I can't unless I spin it his way and move it up and roll it more...It's just too much work! You could have handheld objects from the library able to be held by characters and such.

2. You can't access the limbs and parts of things! This makes it impossible to program your own actions for objects to do. You can't spin the arm of a character, only the whole thing.

3. I used to make games with Alice, but then I realized that you can't play them outside of the program. Is there some sort of program that you can use to export the games on?


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