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Default 10-23-2009, 03:37 PM

Actually, version 3 is complete, and that annoying level-freeze bug is just one of the many things I've fixed in RP3. How does this sound?

-Six levels instead of three DONE
-KO counter (and I look forward to seeing how high your scores are) DONE
-Point counter DONE
-Accuracy counter DONE
-Weapons unlocked with points DONE
-Pause game and switch weapons DONE
-Switch weapons both forwards and backwards DONE
-Ability to purchase upgrades for your penguin, like faster turning and superpowers (those'll be SO FUN to program!)DONE
-Cool weapon display which shows what weapon you have, along with stats on that weapon DONE
-Lightning ambience in the background DONE
-Laser-sight for the MP5 (like you wanted) DONE
-The one big zombie...heheh DONE


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