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I'm still confused and need help!!!!! Please respond!!!!
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Unhappy I'm still confused and need help!!!!! Please respond!!!! - 03-27-2011, 10:00 PM

Originally Posted by x2495iiii View Post
Rank is the number variable you'd need (and I assumed you already had, sorry) to get this program done. Also, if you look at my code, I never called for the "ask user for a number" function to be dragged onto an if/else if argument, only that it be dragged onto the Rank variable's value.

First, create a new number variable called "Rank"
Then, create a list of strings called "Teams" which has the teams in order, 0-11

If [ask user for a yes or no: title = "Would you like to enter a rank?"]
Rank set value to [ask user for number: title = "Enter a rank number"]
if Rank < 1 or Rank > 12
Person say "Enter another number"
Rank set value to Rank - 1
Person say "Team " (joined with) [[Rank] as a string] (joined with) " is " (joined with) [rank]th item from Teams.
do nothing

when you say create a list of strings is that from the menu of creating a new variable and select create list? I'm just not getting the process.

would appreciate any and all help you can provide, thanks!

southern belle
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