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Smile User ID/Pwrd - 10-10-2007, 06:44 PM

Originally Posted by wpdann View Post
We truly appreciate feedback such as this. It helps us to plan changes for the next edition of the textbook.

Your observation regarding the fact that not all the tips and techniques are used in the exercises for that chapter. In some cases, the tip or technique is used in the example or exercises in one or more of the following chapters. Overall, the Tips & Techniques sections and the Appendix are intended to be sort of an Alice User's Guide. It is very possible that our examples and exercises missed using some of the animation tips. We'll look into that and see what can be done.

A couple of suggestions that may make things easier for you with the next go-round:

1) As an instructor, you have access to where you can find the complete worlds for all the examples and exercises in the textbook. (If you do not already have an id/pwrd for this site, please send me email and I will provide it for you). One could download the selected example or exercise to the instructor's computer and run the world as a demo in class. This way, students can see the world run but not have access to the code.

2) Assign an "open-ended" exercise, where students are asked to *enhance* an exercise in the chapter so that it uses (in some way) one of the items from the Tips & Techniques section of the chapter that was not used in the exercises.

Thanks again for the posting -- your insights are most welcome.

I am an instructor at my College and High School and I am teaching Alice at both schools and have yet to receive the ID/Pwrd, so can you or anyone provide me with one? Thx.
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