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Default 05-29-2012, 05:42 PM

Other than the fact that you want to sell that game that you want to make, whereas we post it for free here, what is the difference between selling a game that you make in Unity on Steam and re-making the game in Alice and posting it on a forum? Sure, you are profiting from it if you go the Unity route, but you are still stealing both, the storyline for the game and the name of the game, when you do an Alice re-make.

Take Jediaction's Halo Games (if you don't like that I am using you as an example jedi, let me know, and I will remove this at once), for example. Sure, he does not make any money at all from them, but still, he has taken the storyline, the name, the characters, etc., etc., etc. Jediaction has taken every aspect of the game, and recreated it in Alice. At the same time, he did not pay any royalties to the original creators of the game or anything. Does this mean that if I own Halo, and jediaction remakes a version of Halo that steals every aspect of the game, although he is not profiting from it, I have the right to sue him? I was just wondering.

DISCLAIMER: I am not just picking on jediaction. This same scenario can be reused over and over again on many different game remakes that people have posted on the forums.
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