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Menus Font Size - Howto
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Question Menus Font Size - Howto - 04-22-2014, 03:50 PM

I am very happy to have found this fantastic software. I work as a java trainer and I am looking forward to start using it for my students at the end of the first course to introduce them to the OO paradigm.

At my school we use a predefined virtual machine based on CentOS 6.x for all developer subjects, thus I installed Alice3 into it. I installed the 1 Gb file called and no error has shown in the process. CentOS is using Gnome2 and the installation process did not create an Alice3 icon neither in the Desktop nor in the menus. But this is not an issue... the problem is I am unable to use this software, Alice3, because ALL the words in menus and graphic elements (and think they are made with Swing) are tooooooooo small. We use high screen resolutions (1920x1200, 1920x1080) and that can not be changed. My students are young people, late teens and some in their twenties and have the eyes to look at small fonts, but I simply can not. In this condition I am no able to use this software.

I tried to add some -Dswing options to the 'java -ae ....' call within the shellscript, but it has no effect.

So please, can anyone ellaborate an explanation on how can I increase the font size of menus and, in fact, of all components or elements used in the Alice3 UI ???

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